FarawayTech provides online support resources for its customers and development partners

FarawayTech uses GitHub for issue tracking, new features, and release version control, as well as it provides access to useful resources and FAQ information. GitHub is available to authenticated current licensees or FarawayTech partners only, so you should have received access credentials from FarawayTech Support already. If you require additional access id's, or have lost the details please contact [email protected].

We recommend using GitHub for issue logging/tracking, however technical support is also available via email below.

FarawayTech Integration Documentation

FarawayTech provides easy to use solutions to obtain Direct Market Access (DMA) via FIX protocol. Our FIX Server Simulator and FIX Client enables hedge funds, proprietary trading groups, application ISVs, investment banks and exchanges to save time and money in the building and maintenance of trading systems and application frameworks.