FIX Client-Server Tools

for integration testing, infrastructure and application frameworks.

Our Products

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FIX Simulator

FIX Server Simulator responds to messages from your client, simulating FIX connection to broker. It is an essential tool for integration testing, and can issue order fills, cancels and rejects.

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FIX Engine

Based on QuickFix/n, our C# FIX Engine offers robust performance suitable for mid and low-frequency trading.

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FIX Parse

FIX Parse is a tool to quickly parse and understand of the FIX messages you receive. Support most modern FIX versions.

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Why choose FarawayTech?

FarawayTech provides easy to use solutions to obtain Direct Market Access (DMA) via FIX protocol. Our FIX Server Simulator and FIX Client enables hedge funds, proprietary trading groups, application ISVs, investment banks and exchanges to save time and money in the building and maintenance of trading systems and application frameworks.

Develop and release new trading features safely with continuous testing and integration through FIX Simulator

Save costs on using pre-made, customizable FIX Client SDK that easily integrates with different software frameworks.

Parse QuickFix log messages using our easy to use online parser and get information about specific FIX fields.